Meet the new Board Members!

CommunityWise was happy to welcome 3 new Board Members at our May 31 Annual General Meeting: Mehenaz Moutusi, Chelsey Morton, and Stefica Turuk. You can learn a bit more about each of them below (in their own words).

Mehenaz Moutusi she/her (End of the Rainbow Foundation)

My name is Mehenaz. My knowledge and experiences revolve in the psychology and social work field within the non-profit sector. I’m passionate about knowledge and expanding my horizons in terms of personal well-being and professional abilities. Currently I’m working with End of the Rainbow Foundation and Centre for Newcomers. I enjoy mental health and behavioural sciences.

Chelsey Morton she/her (Calgary Narrative Collective)

I am Chelsey (she/her) and I care about how to support the growth of a more curious and interesting city – one that has been home to me and my family for a long time. I work as a psychologist in a small private practice and alongside the brilliant minds of the folks at the Calgary Narrative Collective. I have always wanted to learn the stories that shape people’s lives and the shaping they do to life inside their own story. I really like making things with my hands – art, crafts, food, and making messes and my heart is most alive when I am laughing in the sun with beloved people.

Stefica Turuk she/her (Alex Homebase)

Relationship builder. Compassionate advocate. Trauma-informed practitioner. Volunteer engagement pro. Avid thrifter. Amateur gardener. Mountain stroller. Sometimes yoga teacher.

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