Megan Asselin (Member Support Coordinator), she/her

Megan (she/her) has her roots in Northwestern Ontario and her heart in Moh-kíns-tsis (Calgary). She is a member of Naotkamegwanning First Nation and as a social worker with a focus in community development practice, she has been working and volunteering in the non-profit sector for more than 20 years. Getting her non-profit start in historical interpretation and (failed) service dog training, Megan has since grown into a love of community organizing that focuses on inclusion, equity, and social justice. Megan has been a participant in CommunityWise’s AROC process since 2016, and is thrilled to be joining the CommunityWise staff collective.

Moses Mariam (Member Administrator), he/him

Moses (he/him) is passionate about working within our community at the grassroots level. He was born and raised in the city of Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary with Degrees in Political Science and History. He’s seen the city change and grow over the years for the better. However, there is more work to be done in order to make our beautiful city a more inclusive space, that is as diverse as our communities. He looks forward to working with his new colleagues and different community members in making our communities a more inclusive space that welcomes our cities diversity.

Sarah Zhu (Finance Administrator), she/her

Sarah (she/her) joined CommunityWise in July 2017. Prior to joining CommunityWise, she worked in non-profit and charity organizations for over 10 years. She worked as the Executive Director for two community associations, held senior finance management positions for two other charities, and has work experience in private and public corporations. She brings accounting, finance, budgeting, and reporting skills as well as facility management and office administration experience.  Sarah holds degrees and diplomas in finance management, accounting, and office administration.  She also enjoys working with people, being actively involved in community development, and volunteering.

Tyson Bankert (BLAC Capacity-Builder and Trainer), he/him

Tyson (he/him) has been working and volunteering in supporting neighbourhood life for as long as he can remember! His interest in community comes at the intersection of justice and community development, and his work is based on equity, wellness, and agency. His personal slogan is: “Promote Justice, Edify Others, and Befriend the Lonely.” Tyson has been a committed member of the Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) process since 2016, and is excited to further the process and build capacity for the newly created cooperative BLAC (Black Leadership Alliance Council).

Erin McFarlane (Organizational Development Coordinator), she/her

Erin (she/her) has worked across a variety of organizations and issue areas within Calgary’s nonprofit sector over the past 15 years in community development, administrative, volunteer coordination, event planning, field supervision, website coordination, and evaluation roles. She holds a BA in Sociology and an MSW in Community Development, and is a Registered Social Worker. She has worked with CommunityWise since September 2013. She is passionate about participatory processes, organizational equity, capacity-building, reflective practice, and the intersections between space and social change. She has a lot of love for this place!

Philip McCutcheon (Operations Coordinator), he/him

Philip McCutcheon (he/him) is committed to supporting non-profit and grassroots organizations working towards inclusive social change in Calgary. Thrilled be a part of CommunityWise since 2011, Philip brings a wide range of approaches, acknowledging the diverse needs and experiences of people working in or visiting the centre. Philip appreciates the value of having a strong Do-It-Yourself approach and believes that through cooperation and sharing each of us can create something extraordinary. Born and raised in Calgary, Philip organized through the Haymarket Worker Owned Cooperative, Food Not Bombs, and the Arusha Centre before completing a Bachelors degree from the University of Calgary in Development Studies. Philip will be going to Iceland again soon.

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