The Garden Club

In the last years, construction and renovation work at the building, lead to a loss of our previous garden but it’s coming back not bigger but better! The garden club is a group of gardeners who will form a collective that takes care of the new community garden.

The Garden will be a collective garden which is a garden FOR and BY everyone in the collective. Gardeners will work together to plan what activities will be needed for the garden, will be planted, what will be done with the harvest and much more! The Garden Club is primarily run as member initiative but will have events open to the public. Garden club membership is open to the public who pay a seasonal/yearly fee of $10 while CommunityWise members get a 50% discount and pay $5.

The Garden Club works to not only create a community garden but develop garden and self sustainability skills in all individuals. This could be through workshops or weeding parties etc. To register, please fill out the forms below and email them to the garden coordinator.

To register or if you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact the Garden coordinator;

In nature nothing exists alone

– Rachel Carson