Anti-Racism training

If your organization is interested in addressing organizational racism and becoming more racially equitable, anti-racism training is a critical part of the process. CommunityWise’s anti-racism training is designed for nonprofits and those working in the charitable sector here in Calgary and is based on an anti-racist organizational change (AROC) framework. 

However, like any emerging process, since February, CommunityWise has been supporting the grassroots group BLAC (Black Leadership Alliance Council) in the direct delivery of these trainings for the nonprofit and charity sector. Members of BLAC have all participated and trained in the delivery of AROC training. In addition, the current members of BLAC have delivered training on intersectionality and anti-oppressive practices.

Our content is best suited to leadership (executives, managers, and boards) but can be useful to other levels of staff and volunteers too, especially in smaller organizations. We typically don’t train the people nonprofits serve (e.g., clients, participants, audience members, etc.) as we are invested in helping organizations change from the inside out.

We charge $500 per hour of training with a 3-hour minimum and a 6-hour maximum, and we are already booking into the Summer of 2021. If your budget can’t accommodate this rate, we are open to discussing what would work best for both you and us. 

In addition, we have developed a two-step process before confirming training*

  • A brief initial conversation with the BLAC Capacity Builder, Tyson. The conversation will be focused on current organizational culture and major concerns.
  • Completing a short survey.

*Please note: All trainings will be delivered based on the facilitators’ and fellow trainers’ current capacity to support your organization.

Private Sector

If you’re from the private or public sectors, we can connect you with external facilitators that do this work independently of CommunityWise. Though their offerings may vary, they are equipped to train organizations on the lived experience of folks that experience racism and other intersecting marginalities (including anti-Black racism), as well as anti-racism and equity for individuals and organizations. If you are interested in being connected with an external facilitator, please let us know, and we’ll make that connection.

If you would like to invite us to train your team, please contact for more information.