Anti-Racism training

August 25, 2020 update:

Thank you for your interest in Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) training. We have been getting a lot of requests lately and appreciate your patience in hearing back from us. 

The strength of any AROC training CommunityWise is able to offer rests on how much anti-racist action we are taking inside our organization. AROC at CommunityWise is an ongoing, long-term process that we are still very much in the midst of. We need to continue doing this important work in order to credibly share it with anyone else. In other words, doing AROC within CommunityWise is our primary focus and has always taken precedence over requests for external trainings. 

However, in the weeks since George Floyd’s murder, this balance has shifted dramatically, as we’ve been flooded with requests and opportunities to share our work more broadly. Our capacity to do both AROC within CommunityWise and respond to these requests has been stretched beyond its limit. It’s become apparent that we may need to resist the sense of urgency that this moment is demanding of us.

Some questions we are asking: How should we orient ourselves right now? How can we move through all this in a way that doesn’t replicate the very things we are trying to address (e.g., by playing into a sense of urgency) but allows for real change to happen, not just within our own organization, but within Calgary’s nonprofit sector, and the city more broadly? 

In answering these questions, it is clear that we need to deepen our own internal efforts. We need to continue to hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders who identify as Black, Indigenous, and racialized. There is a lot to do on this front given the racial implications of COVID-19 and the movement for Black lives.

We also need to build out the capacity of our local anti-racism network to not just describe and explain racism to the broader community, to not just “train” an organization in a series of useful, but, within the context of a training, theoretical resources and tools; but, to support organizations like yours in actually taking concrete and uncomfortable anti-racist action.

To that end, CommunityWise is putting a pause on booking AROC trainings. We will be spending the first few months of 2021 building out our capacity to meet the demands for external trainings and consultations.

In the meantime, all our AROC resources are free and available online. We are hoping to release more, including potential public webinars that you can participate in, before the year is out. You do not have to be trained in order to use our resources. We only ask that you hold yourselves accountable to your stakeholders who identify as Black, Indigenous, and racialized, and that you continually learn from the anti-racist action you take.

If you feel like you cannot wait until later in 2021 for a training, we can refer you to someone in our network of external facilitators who may be able to provide what you’re looking for. Please contact for more information.

Thanks again for your interest in AROC and our trainings.