Board of Directors



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CommunityWise Board of Directors

The Board is the governing authority of the organization and is responsible for directing, influencing, and monitoring the organization’s business. Individual Board members also represent the needs, interests, and visions of the communities and organizations involved in the space. The Board is accountable to the Theory of Change and Strategic Plan created and updated by the Board and Staff Collective in an ongoing process each year.

Board of Directors Terms of Reference

2022-2023 (May 31)

Kevin Dong – Calgary Cinematheque (Tenant Member),  Tyra Erskine (Community Member), Mehenaz Moutusi – End of the Rainbow Foundation (Tenant Member), Chelsey Morton – Calgary Narrative Collective (Tenant Member), Stefica Turuk – Alex Homebase (Associate Member), Sierra Love – Arusha Centre (Tenant Member), Mohamed Abazinab (Community Member)