Mission, Vision, Values


To be a nonprofit hub, providing inclusive, affordable, and equitable space and community development programs to support and strengthen diverse grassroots and non-profit members.


A community cultivated by and for everyone.


  • Mutuality: We cultivate relationships, connection and collaboration because of their shared benefits and because together we can withstand individual and shared challenges.
  • Inclusion: We respect and elevate diverse voices, practices and cultures, individual uniqueness and collective wisdom.
  • Accountability: We are responsible to our shared space, to each other, to the larger community, and to the planet.
  • Trust: We have confidence in the knowledge, experience, and ability of our members and partners, and actively work to keep their trust in us.
  • EquityWe recognize and redress historical and current-day inequities experienced by certain equity-seeking groups and strive for their barrier-free participation.

Among the diverse focus areas CommunityWise members work in and represent, our priority areas include: ethnocultural, racialized, and Indigenous community groups; 2LGBTQ+ groups; addictions and recovery groups; and arts groups.

Our current strategic priorities are:

  • Priority #1: CommunityWise develops and implements a new and clear membership service delivery model.
  • Priority #2: CommunityWise develops and implements a new and sustainable funding model.
  • Priority #3: CommunityWise honours the Old Y Building and improves and maintains its presence for its members.
  • Priority #4: CommunityWise is an equitable, supportive and healthy organization to work for.