Farewell Erin McFarlane!

After over 8 years with the CommunityWise Resource Centre, Erin McFarlane is officially leaving CommunityWise. As Community and Organizational Development Coordinator, Erin brought a wealth of skill, compassion, and creativeness to the organization that cannot be understated.   

During her tenure, staff, board, member organizations, community friends, past practicum students, contractors, consultants, literally everyone has been greatly impacted and touched by Erin’s presence.  

Her contributions to the organization and individual lives over the years are important to recognize. Erin’s roles at CommunityWise over the years have changed and evolved. In each situation she brought such incredible organizing and coordination skills. Her flexibility, accountability, and focus on equity furthered the growth and strength of the Centre.

We don’t always fully see when we are in a very special period of time, or what exactly is the “magic stuff” that makes impossible things seem possible. Erin was a huge part of this magic for CommunityWise. In retrospect, we can take stock of this in a new light and honour her commitment to the cause. We celebrate the time and energy of everyone that made this possible. Erin’s support, guidance, and allyship in CommunityWise have left an indelible mark on the Centre We are so grateful for all of her hard work, which was of great quality and often done in very complex situations. Her work ethic and genuine care for others is remarkable. The administration of our programs and strategy deserves great recognition. CommunityWise now enters into new and ever-evolving territory. We will miss you.  

Erin joined CommunityWise in September of 2013 (Still the Old Y Centre at the time) in the newly established role of Collaborative Framework Coordinator. The creation of the position was an exciting and important development in realizing and creating our new mission. Creating and managing all sorts of community programming, dozens of social work practicum placements, and important non profit sector training opportunities, Erin brought CommunityWise up to a new level.  

As things shifted over the years, Erin met the changing member, building, and organizational needs head on bringing people together, facilitating anti-racism action in the non-profit sector and CommunityWise, coordinating and furthering the important mission of CommunityWise. For the past 2 years as society shifted in uncertain futures, Erin secured and managed an incredible array of funding opportunities, grants, evaluation and reporting. Her legacy and impact at CommunityWise is immeasurable. We wish her all the best in her next adventures! 

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