Consultant Needed

With the generous financial support of the Calgary Foundation, CommunityWise has been given the opportunity to employ a consultant who will act as an evaluator in regards to our Membership and Engagement model. We have an available budget of $11,000 and would love to get started as soon as possible. The project is expected to run from mid-March until the end of July.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examine service provided to existing and new members and provide a report and recommendations on how it can be streamlined or better developed.
  • Speak with necessary stakeholders (members, community, staff & board) to develop a clearer image of membership expectations and highlight strengths and areas to develop and how.
  • Review current member engagement strategy and provide recommendations on how to increase current and new member engagement.
  • Use effective strategies to undertake a needs-based service approach, identifying members needs and recommending appropriate solutions.
  • Proactively engage in team and whole staff activities to continually develop a practical understanding of overall business strategies and programs of work.


A toolkit or step-by-step document of sorts is expected to come out of this project with a focus on participative process. The toolkit will be shared under the guidelines of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International.


The hired consultant will work closely with the Member Programs Coordinator. Organizational changes are subject to board vote.

If interested, please send your proposal, quote and portfolio/resume or questions to us at

CommunityWise is committed to inclusion and equity and strives to ensure that our Board reflects the diversity of our Membership. We are committed to removing barriers to participation that are faced by equity-seeking groups and encourage (but do not require) members of these groups to self-identify as such in their application