“THE PLACE” open house event

CommunityWise is launching an exciting new space and community project!!!

When: Wednesday June 14th 4:30pm-6:30pm

Where: CommunityWise Resource Centre 223 12th Avenue SW Calgary Room 103

What: An Open House event for members QTBIPOC to hear more about the project and plan project and to discuss program ideas, partnerships, and community needs together

Snacks provided.

Contact Mark Audu at mark@communitywise.net for more info and to register to attend.

Indigenous and Racialized Communities have been pushing for true recognition, equality, and inclusion since the beginning of the LGBTQIA+ movement. QTBIPOC folks must navigate the effects of both racism and anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination. “The Place” aims to honor these experiences and create supportive, enriching, and accessible space for QTBIPOC.

The project is led by and for QTBIPOC. It offers a wonderful, accessible, free, and collaboratively shared space within CommunityWise. We are looking for collaborators and users (organizations and individuals) of the space to meet community needs, events, and programs going forward.