Farewell to Thulasy

Last week we said a teary farewell to Thulasy, who was the Equity Coordinator with CommunityWise for 4.5 years. While no statement can adequately capture the true extent of the impact Thulasy has had on CommunityWise, as well as on the broader community and sector, we are glad to be able to share some brief thoughts with you.

Since 2016, Thulasy has trained hundreds (if not thousands) of people about Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC). In addition to this feat, some of her other lasting contributions include: developing a framework for CommunityWise to do our own anti-racism work internally; guiding the organization toward becoming a more equitable place; helping us to live up to our vision of being a community cultivated by and for everyone; and achieving measurable progress towards our long-term goal of a more equitable grassroots and nonprofit sector. An example of more formal recognition of these efforts was the award that CommunityWise received in 2018 from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in the ‘Community’ category that both Thulasy and Sameen traveled to Winnipeg to accept.

All along the way, Thulasy has demonstrated a deep commitment to radical accountability; to the essentialness of centering Black, Indigenous, and racialized voices; and to community care. We have all learned so much from Thulasy’s knowledge, skill, leadership, and way of being in the world and are forever grateful for her time and labour. The individuals who make up our organization, and the organization as a whole, have been forever changed by Thulasy’s contributions. This city has been made better because of her existence and what she shares. As we all continue to understand the impact versus intent of AROC at CommunityWise it is because of the invaluable guidance and clear framework Thulasy deployed.

Though her time as Equity Coordinator has ended, Thulasy plans to stay connected with CommunityWise in ways we’re still exploring. We’re excited about and thankful for this continued relationship.Our staff and board, some of whom worked with Thulasy since her beginnings at CommunityWise and some for just the past couple of months, all agree that we already deeply miss our conversations with her and look forward to more in the future.

We collectively thank you, Thulasy, for everything! All the best in your next steps.

With deep respect and gratitude,

-CommunityWise Staff and Board

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