During social work week, thank you to all past CommunityWise students!

It’s once again National Social Work Month and it’s also Social Work Week in Alberta. As we do each year, we’d like to use this as an opportunity to spotlight, acknowledge, and thank the ever growing group of extraordinary Social Work practicum and summer students who have joined the CommunityWise staff collective since 2011. It’s truly difficult to imagine CommunityWise today without their participation, critical insights, and legacies. We’re proud to have been able to be a site of community social work and praxis alongside each and every one of them.

So, THANK YOU Sobia, Kyla, Megan, Eman, Maddison, Agnes, Amandella, Carolyn, Tigist, Calista, Jennifer, Valerie, Marylynda, Diana, Shannon, Dheny, Nathan, Danisha, Jamie, Josh, Leticia, Amanda, Courtney, Amy, and Asya!!! And, there are so many more who have worked with our member groups.

CommunityWise is a better place today because of your unique involvements and contributions. Thank you for moving community and organizational level social work forward and thank you for the impacts you continue to have.

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