2021 Annual General Meeting – Documents

UPDATE: The 2020-2021 Annual Report can be viewed here and the 2021 AGM Meeting Minutes can be viewed here.

The following documents were shared at the May 31, 2021 Annual General Meeting. All proposals were passed.

1.  Agenda for May 31, 2021 Annual General Meeting. Click here

2. Minutes from June 30, 2020 Annual General Meeting. Click here. 

3. Draft 2020 Audited Financial Statements, prepared by MBD LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. Click here.

4. Proposed CommunityWise Bylaw Amendment. Click here

The proposed Bylaw amendment is one change to the “interpretation” section (page 2) of the Bylaws as the current wording is difficult to understand and the use of the term “neuter” is potentially confusing and problematic.

5. 2021 CommunityWise Board of Directors Applicants. Click here