Welcome to Yasmin!

We’re so excited to welcome Yasmin Hassan (she/her) to CommunityWise in the role of Facility Administration Support, funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program!

Here’s some info Yasmin has shared about herself –> Yasmin Hassan is a recent University of Calgary graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in English and History. She has a passion for community work, historic preservation, and lifelong learning. Yasmin is a born and raised Calgarian that is just starting to branch out and find where she is needed in the city. She has worked within her southeast community of Ogden over several years within low-income youth and Indigenous groups as well as lending a hand for community events. Yasmin’s energy encompasses all that she does and she is looking forward to putting that energy to use in restoring what Covid-19 has taken from the non-profit sector, the old ‘Y’ and CommunityWise. This is a dream opportunity for her and she can’t wait to hit the ground running!

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