“The Place” Programs 🏳️‍🌈

The conversation club is a series of free english workshops through which QTBIPOC newcomers learned English while improving conversational skills. The program is peer led and trained volunteers facilitate discussion on several topics that guide participants in day-to-day conversational English.

“I would love to keep going and also participate in other events. I think this is a great support group for newcomers”

– Conversation Club Participant

Run by End of the Rainbow Foundation, Chill with Us is a drop-in space for 2SLGBTQ+ newcomers and refugees who are Racialized. The program has been successful in creating a safe space for newcomers to talk about their unique experiences being immigrants while identifying as people who are Queer and Racialized. The program runs every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm. For more information contact End of The Rainbow.

In collaboration with the End of the Rainbow Foundation, Sex Talks provided members of the community with the opportunity to learn about sexual health and available resources in a safe and affirming space.

“I loved the feeling of community from being with all the gays :)”

– The Place Participant

Run by BisonClan Bow River an Indigequeer led outreach organization, patrol prep helps with organizing work towards helping the vulnerable in the Beltline area of Mohkinstsis. For more information contact BisonClan BowRiver .

Liminal Landing invited community members to explore their identities through a futuristic lens while building and defining a sense of belonging. Hosted by Priscilla Cherry & Tyson Bankert.

Run by Calgary Outlink, this is a community group for racialized 2SLGBTQ+ community members. This includes community members who are Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. For more information, contact Outlink.

Run by End of the Rainbow Foundation, Ribbon Rouge & PHAC, this is a HIV self testing clinic and workshop to de-stigmatize HIV and raise awareness. For more information contact End of The Rainbow.

Run by several groups (e.g. BlackPrideYYC) who use The Place, movie nights are fun casual events where community members are able to enjoy recreational activities!