Board Leadership Calgary 2015! Make Dollars Make Sense: Funding and Financial Management

Make Dollars Make Sense 2015:
Funding and Financial Management 101

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A burning question board members of non-profits face is “how will we fund our work?”  Often as an afterthought they ask “how will we manage that funding once we get it?”  

Organizations need income in order to do their work.  But they also need to know how to properly manage this income once they have it, or risk losing it!  This is not just the job of the treasurer or bookkeeper or senior staff.  All Board members (in the case of non-profits) and leaders require a certain level of knowledge and skills in the area of funding and financial management in order to properly carry out their roles and responsibilities, and ensure the success of their organization.

In celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, Board Leadership Calgary presents the second annual Make Dollars Make Sense: Funding and Financial Management 101.  MDMS is a one-day learning event for current or potential Board members and staff of small non-profits, as well as members of community organizations and grassroots groups.  It will address questions related to funding and financial management, and show how important it is to learn about both!

2015 Topics Include:

  • Environmental Scan of Funding and Financial Management Trends
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Internal Controls
  • Role of the Treasurer & the Finance Committee
  • Financial Compliance
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Literacy 101 from a Funder’s Perspective
  • How to write great grant proposals
  • Fundamentals to Fire Up your Fundraising!
  • Telling your story to a potential funder
  • Fundraising and the role of the board
  • Social What?: Social enterprise, social finance, and social innovation

Board Leadership Calgary is committed to accessibility for persons with special needs. This is a WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE and SCENT-FREE event. Please contact as soon as possible if you have any other special requirements that we may be able to accommodate in order for you to attend.

Organized by: Community Development Unit of Alberta Culture and Tourism, CommunityWise Resource Centre,  Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, Federation of Calgary Communities, and Sport Calgary.

Sponsors: The low ticket price is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors:  Simple Cloud Works, The Calgary Foundation, and The United Way of Calgary and Area.

Charitable Sponsor: Friends of the Federation of Calgary Communities.


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