IMPORTANT UPDATE (Dec 11): CommunityWise Response to COVID-19 Provincial Health Orders

Dear CommunityWise Members,

Due to the Government of Alberta’s recently announced Mandatory COVID-19 public health measures, several important changes are taking effect at CommunityWise and will be in place until at least January 12, 2021.


Masks are Mandatory inside all CommunityWise spaces. This applies to all employees, visitors, customers, delivery people, guests, volunteers, contractors, clients and participants.This includes any space inside CommunityWise where people are present in-person and applies to all workplace locations where masks won’t pose a safety risk (e.g. construction personnel may have different face mask requirements when working with open flame).The only exceptions to this rule is when people are working alone in their offices with their office door closed, or if a safely distanced cubicle or physical barrier (such as plexiglass) is in place.


A) Working from home will become mandatory in Alberta. For Members who ordinarily work at the building, this means that working in the building is only allowed when your organization requires a physical presence at the building for operational effectiveness. In all other circumstances you must not work in the building at this time.

B) Some businesses in Alberta will be required to close, reduce capacity, or limit their in-person access. For Members operating as non-profit social services, you are legally permitted to continue working in the building only when absolutely necessary and when all other public health orders are being followed.As a shared space, CommunityWise is implementing recommendations in addition to the public health orders mandated by the Government of Alberta:

-Occupancy limits have been posted outside all offices and are recommended limits in addition to, not replacing, mandatory mask wearing.

-We strongly recommend that any essential work involving service delivery with members of the public be done by appointment only.

-Members are allowed to access mailboxes and offices for short periods of time in order to access the materials you need to work from home.

-Unless your organization is a social service agency providing essential services, all members are advised to avoid having an extended presence in the building and not to work in the building.

-Members are responsible for forwarding this message to anyone connected to their organization who access the CommunityWise building for any reason.

This notice replaces all previously communicated limitations regarding building use, and these restrictions will remain in effect until at least January 12, 2021, at which time previous COVID-19 building access rules will be reinstated.

The Government of Alberta may extend these public health measures beyond January 12, 2021 and we commit to keeping you updated about any extensions or changes to these public health orders and how they impact your use of the building.

In order to follow these new public health orders ourselves, the CommunityWise staff will be limiting our time in the building to delivering mail and other essential building-related activities. This means that we are not available for in-person supports or appointments at this time.

However, staying connected with you is important to us, and we encourage you to contact us at or 403-261-9660.

We would also like to remind Members that CommunityWise will also be further reduced in staffing during our upcoming year end break (December 25th to January 2nd) and responses will be reduced during this time. Though not for regular communications, if there are urgent building related matters that require immediate attention please call our after-hours number at 403-233-9326.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to the future time when we can meet again in person.

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