Welcome to Calista!

We’re so excited that Calista Nwangene has joined us for the semester to complete a Bachelor of Social Work practicum at CommunityWise! Calista will be with us until December. She’s shared the following information about herself: 

Calista joined CommunityWise in Fall 2019. She is a resourceful team player whose quest for social change and experience from her first career as a legal practitioner in Nigeria has immensely contributed to her new path in anti-oppressive oriented community development practice. Calista is passionate about social justice, community building and human relationships, all leading to the completion of her second degree in the Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary by 2020. Outside her interest in community development, social policies and research, Calista enjoys spending time in local cafes, participating in dance classes and travelling with friends and family.

Welcome Calista!

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