Welcome Agnes – Fall 2017 practicum!


Meet Agnes! She’s a University of Calgary social work student completing a practicum with CommunityWise until December 2017. We’re excited to welcome her to the building.
My name is Agnes.

I am a 4th year University of Calgary Social Work student. I have a General Studies Diploma in Psychology/Sociology from the Lethbridge College and currently pursing my BSW.

I am East African, Ugandan. My family immigrated to Canada over 16 years ago and I have lived 13 of those years in Calgary. In 2013, I moved to Lethbridge, AB, for a change in scenery and to begin my postsecondary studies. After completing my 3rd year as a social work student at the University of Lethbridge, I decided to move back to Calgary as there are more opportunities here to work with grassroots and nonprofit organizations. My main area of interest as a BSW student is macro-level social work. Thus, I am truly thrilled that I was given the opportunity to learn through CommunityWise Resource Centre and be engaged in anti oppressive work. I believe as the world grows and people become more interconnected, we will encounter further, if not, newer forms of structural/systemic issues. I would like to be one of many to challenge those issues.

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