Update on Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) at CommunityWise


Update on Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) at CommunityWise

Late last year, the AROC Working Group extended an invitation to join the group and continue the collaborative process of identifying opportunities for AROC within the following organizational areas:

  • Vision, mission, purpose
  • Identity, culture, values
  • Theory of change and strategy
  • Governance (board, bylaws, etc.)
  • Monitoring, evaluation and accountability
  • Finance and fund development
  • Hiring (recruitment and selection)
  • Human resources (orientation, working conditions, complaints, management, internal communications, training, etc.)
  • The built environment (design, use, maintenance, etc.)
  • Programs and work with communities
  • External communications

There are now over 40 members of the Working Group who have contributed their time and knowledge to the project! 

In January, the Advisory Group, which is comprised of members of the Working Group that identify as racialized or Indigenous, met for the first time. They discussed their experiences of racism in the non-profit sector and began to identify priorities for AROC. The Advisory Group represents an equitable approach to community consultation, one that centers the voices most impacted institutional and organizational racism within Calgary's non-profit sector. We are grateful for the Advisory Group's guidance in this process.

The CommunityWise Board, and in particular, the Governance Committee, has been looking at AROC from a strategic and structural perspective. This has included reviewing CommunityWise's strategic plan and Theory of Change and auditing our policies and procedures with an equity lens. 

Anti-racist organizational change is a long-term process, but the Working Group, Board, and Staff Collective has made great progress in a very short period of time!

Over the next two months, Thulasy, the Equity Framework Coordinator, will be looking to consult with CommunityWise members one-on-one, to inform them on the work that has been done to date and to get their input on it. Please contact her at equity@communitywise.net to arrange meeting to discuss AROC.

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