Social Work Practicums


What to expect in a social work practicum with CommunityWise?

At CommunityWise we offer more than just subsidized office space; we build the capacity of nonprofit organizations by creating opportunities that facilitate increased knowledge, skills, efficiency, opportunity and effectiveness for our members by activating their collective skills and intelligence.

CommunityWise is a nonprofit centre which serves as a support organization for nearly 80 member groups. It directly employs a Staff Collective of four who work according to a flat organizational structure based on consensus decision making.

We maintain a historic venue that provides offices, meeting rooms, activity spaces, both indoor and outdoor common spaces, and shared office equipment for members. Increasingly, we are endeavoring to facilitate community development, networking, collective self-care, and other collaborative opportunities for both members and the broader community. 

Most of CWRC’s members are small, volunteer-run initiatives providing peer-support or advocacy for marginalized communities or social issues. 

Examples of member groups include:

  •          Immigrant cultural groups like the Ethiopian Community Association; Oromo Community; Romanian Canadian Association
  •          Social justice groups like the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking in Alberta; Amnesty International
  •          Youth serving programs like Boys & Girls Club; Two Wheel View; Miscellaneous Youth Network; Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
  •          Queer or LGBTQ community organizations like Calgary Outlink
  •          Urban sustainability groups like the Arusha Centre
  •          Independent arts groups like the Underground Film Festival; Viva Mexico Dance Group

Social work practicum students will assist in delivering regular programs and during their placement will have opportunities to assess community needs and participate in developing and implementing new programs or one-time events related to organizational community development and capacity building.  Students will practice essential skills like project coordination, communication, member outreach, research, evaluation, facilitation, administration, and peer support.  These skills will be practiced within the context of anti-oppression theory and values-based decision making.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn from our member groups. 

To chat about practicum opportunities at CommunityWise, please contact Erin: 



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