Tenant Members

Alberta Disabled Foundation 319
Alberta Youth in care and Custody Network 200
Apollo Friends in Sport D5
Amnesty International 306
Art City (Visual Arts Week Society) 301
Arusha centre Society 106
Aspen Family and Community Services 205
Barrier Away Project D6
Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Outdoor Entrance
Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids 315
CATCO (Calgary Carshare) G9
Calgary Cinematheque Society 212
Calgary Community Network Association 302
Calgary Co-operative Memorial Society 204A
Calgary Ethiopian Community Association 201
Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers 103
Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) 212
Calgary Women’s Health Collective 304/316
Children’s International Summer Villages G4
Chinook Country Historical Society 311
Eritrean Canadian Community Association 312/318
Mix OLOGY Dance Mine D3
M:ST Performance Art Festival Society 307
Oromian Community Association of Alberta 200B
Calgary Outlink Centre 303
Parkland Institute Calgary 211
Pride Calgary G5
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 209
Sierra Club Canada 210
Sustainable Alberta Association 207
Sustainable Calgary Society 207
Two Wheel View 207
Youth Ink Publications Society 308/309

Jesse Chapman

A Very Special Tenant:  Jessie Mary Chapman (1880 – 1981)

Miss Chapman called Old Y home for many years. She lived here for over 40 years and became the best known of the women to run the Travellers’ Aid Program. In 1969, she was named one of fourteen National YWCA Women of the Century.  COMMUNITYWISE is proud to honour her vision and memory through its continued activities.

Rental Spaces

COMMUNITYWISE has several common spaces available for rental by members.  All bookings must be made and confirmed through the staff in the admin office.  Available spaces include:

Main Common Room (per 4 hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $25
Evening                       $35

Board Room (per 4 hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $15
Evening                       $25

Dance Studio (per 4 hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $10
Evening                       $15

Common Office (per 4hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $10
Evening                       $15

Arusha Common Space (per 4hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $15
Evening                       $25

Kitchen (per 4hr block)

Morning or Afternoon  $15
Evening                       $15

Other spaces: Darkroom, Sound Recording Studio (Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary), Film editing suites & equipment (Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers), Outdoor courtyard

Rental Equipment

COMMUNITYWISE provides some equipment available to rent.  These items include digital projectors, sound equipment, popcorn maker, bike trailer and festival tents.  Our member organizations often have their own equipment for rental as well, so if you’re interested in something specific, contact the admin offices for more information.

Zine Library

A collection by the Zine Tree Collective of self-published magazines or pamphlets made outside of mainstream press and professional media, by all kinds of people about all kinds of things.  The library offers access to thousands of zines by local and international creators, and also acts as a workshop, with all the information and equipment you need to make your own zine.  The Zine Tree Collective also hosts regular open-house events at COMMUNITYWISE, so keep an eye on our website for more information.


There are two primary types of Membership with COMMUNITYWISE.

Rent an office space in the building, book common rooms and have a mailbox.

Book common rooms, and may rent a mailbox, can be on the waiting list to rent, share or sublet office space.

In order to become a member of COMMUNITYWISE Resource Centre, your organization must be:

  • A non-profit or grassroots organization based in Calgary
  • Fill out the COMMUNITYWISE membership application, and pay $25 membership fee
  • Provide at least two community contacts as references
  • Adhere to the bylaws, rules and regulations of COMMUNITYWISE
  • Understand and embrace that they are joining a community.


$25 (annually; renewable every January)

$15 (annually; renewable every January)

In order to become a member of COMMUNITYWISE, interested groups of organizations are encouraged to visit us, meet with staff to talk about your needs and supply all documentation required. If your organization is interested in renting office space, you can apply for membership and you can then be placed on a waitlist. Membership applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis by the Membership Committee.