Welcome Kleos Microfinance Group newest CommunityWise member!

Communitywise is pleased to welcome our newest member organization: Kleos Microfinance Group.

The Kleos Microfinance Group is a Calgary based organization that focuses on third world development. The Group is aimed towards improving the living conditions for those people around the globe that are in the greatest need of economic assistance.

Loans and credits are provided to those people who are not considered to be bankable, those who lack the required collateral, credit history, or formal income to be considered by major banks as reliable credit recipients.

For More information check out their website at kleosmfg.org



CommunityWise Fall Forum – November 30


participatory governance and grass-roots organizing

Thank you to everyone who came to the Community Forum on November 30th!  We were lucky to have renown activist and author Starhawk, here to speak about her new book, The Empowerment Manual: a guide for Collaborative Groups.  Our morning session took place at the IBM meeting hall, our neighbours across the street from the centre.  The panel of local organizers got our attention with their insights, stories and humour from their years of experience with consensus decision making.  Lunch was provided by Food Not Bombs and EthniCity Catering and great coffee from local roaster, Xaragua Coffee.  After lunch we headed back to the Old Y building, cheered by a rally, to start the afternoon workshops.  Six amazing workshops were all well attended, learning about the Nonprofit Industrial Complex, Volunteer Empowerment, the Theory of Change, Consensus Process, Board Development and more.  We wrapped up the Forum with a world cafe style closing evaluation and decided it was a great success!  Next time we just have to start organizing earlier and maybe try to do it all at one location…

Check out some photos on our facebook page!


Front Porch Restoration – seeking donations

Historic Preservation Services is working hard to finish the restoration, but due to some set backs in sourcing materials, unexpected cost increases and the arrival of winter.. the project won’t be finished until Spring of 2013.

As our lease with the City of Calgary requires us to fundraise to restore and maintain our lovely historic building, we are currently seeking funds to complete the featured historic columns.

If you are interested in supporting the completion of this significant project by donating money to The Old Y Centre, please contact finance (at) communitywise (dot) net.  Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made by cheque, or with paypal for charitable tax receipts.

When it’s finished, the porch will resemble it’s original 1911 design, with columns, cornices and sandstone.  Phase one of this project is made possible by funding from Alberta Historic Resources Foundation and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.


Multi-Office Moving Day (aka 5D Tetris)

November 17th 11:00am-6:00pm

Come lend a hand! Support your fellow CommunityWise members!

coffee, tea, lunch and dinner will be provided!

On November 17th from 11am-6pm we will be moving several organizations to new offices and welcoming a couple new organizations in as well. We need help!   This is your chance to hone your skills at five-dimensional Tetris!

Come for as little as two hours. If you have any questions please contact Philip at philip@communitywise.net

Board Room, not Boring…

Orientation Wednesday October 10th at 12:30 in the Board Room

CommunityWise Resource Centre has completed our upgrades to the Board Room IT System. We have installed a number of new features that we hope will make the Board Room a more functional space for all of us. We have new speakers, a ceiling-mounted projector, a computer, webcam, microphone, and a handcrafted podium. CommunityWise would like to thank the dream team Ed, Paul and Russ for helping make this happen.

We will be holding a special orientation session on how the new system works on Wednesday October 10th at 12:30. Feel free to bring your lunch and we might even Skype with someone far away!