CommunityWise exists as a non profit centre and as a community development initiative to support its member organizations and foster responsible stweardship of the historic Old YWCA building. COMMUNITYWISE offers below market office and common room rental space to our members. We aim to provice access to relevant and needed programs.

As such, CommunityWise organizes community development programing through out the year. The programs and services are offered to support our centre's objectives in bringing diverse knowledge and understanding together and to forster a supportive environment for our members to do their important work.

Some of the Programs and Services offered at CommunityWise include:

Lunch and Learn (Monthly)

A free monthly lunchtime learning opportunity which is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. At CommunityWise there are so many people and groups, each with valuable skills, knowledge and resources.

The Burrow: Community Room and Zine Library Space (Ongoing)

The Burrow is a special space in the building, a relaxing room that CommunityWise has made availailable to members and the public. We believe that it is important to foster an atmosphere in the building that takes into account the very real need for people to have the time and space to decompress.

Safer Spaces Engagement Campaign (Ongoing)

CommunityWise is home to a uniquely diverse community of members, visitors, service-users, program participants, and volunteers. To ensure that our diversity continues to be illuminated, we utilize a peer-support model to better respect each other’s beliefs, identities and personal autonomy.

Burnout Prevention League! (Monthly)

The BPL meets monthly in the Common Room.  All are welcome! Working in the non-profit/voluntary sector is not always easy. Take some time and join us at the Burnout Prevention League! 

Facilitation and Consensus decision making (ongoing)

COMMUNITYIWSE offers facilitation and consensus decision making workshops for members. We value finding creative solutions and involving maximum participation in decision making.


Make Dollars: Make Sense (2014-present) – In partnership with the Alberta Community Development Unit. Fund development and financial literacy for non-profit and charitable organizations.

Board Basics (2014-present) – In partnership with the Alberta Community Development Unit. Board governance for non-profit and charitable organizations.

Community Connections (Annual) – In partnership with Next Up Leadership Program. This is an all day event hosting dozens of workshops on environmental, social, and economic justice.

Selection of Past Programs:

What's Next: Popular education Series (2011-2014)

Consensus Building and Participatory Governance Forum (2013)

Community Kitchen (2012-2013)

Food Club (2012)

Katimavik Volunteer Projects (2010-2012)

Why Co-Location: Community Forum (2012)





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