October is Membership renewal month!

It’s that time of year again – CommunityWise annual membership renewal is here!

Dear Members:

You should have noticed that the invoices sent out earlier this month included your $40 annual membership fee and, if applicable, a $40 annual mailbox fee. Please remember that invoices are due on receipt, and all fees and forms must be received by CommunityWise by November 15, 2020 in order to renew your membership at CommunityWise for another year.

The second (and final!) part of the membership renewal process involves sharing our freshly updated Member Rules and Expectations and our brand new COVID-19 Building Access Rules with you, and making sure you have read and understand these policies. Our Anti-Harassment Policy is the only policy that remains the same this year, and if you’d like to refresh your memory you can access that here.

You have THREE options for renewing your membership documents this year:

1. You can read and sign the policies online by clicking here (Member Rules and Expectations) and here (COVID-19 Building Access Rules).

2. You can read and sign the policies on our website here and email your completed copies to info@communitywise.net

3. You can request a paper copy of the forms to be mailed to you, or placed in your onsite mailbox, by emailing info@communitywise.net or leaving a message at 403-261-9660

*Tenant Members – please remember that in addition to the above forms you must submit current valid proof of insurance for your office or storage space.*

If you have any questions about the membership renewal process or the information contained in these policies, please contact Megan@communitywise.net or call 403-261-9660 and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Not renewing your membership in 2020 but still interested in supporting CommunityWise? COVID-19, and our resulting building restrictions, have caused significant revenue decreases for us. Your support through these hard times has been tremendously appreciated, and we recognize that while a membership at CommunityWise may no longer make sense for your organization, any support you offer will allow us to continue to deliver on our mission while navigating the ongoing pandemic safely and equitably and plan for the future.  

Donate the amount of an annual membership ($40), your returned common room security deposit ($200), or any amount you feel able to contribute, and receive a charitable tax receipt. Though we will be sad to see you go, you can re-apply for membership at any time.

And, if you aren’t in a position to donate when you end your membership, you’re still welcome back at any time! Donate here. 

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