October 2nd Open House and Porch Opening


INTERFACE is a point of interconnection between inside/outside, public/private, historic/modern, personal/professional… the place or area at which different things meet and communicate with or affect each other.

Spend your lunch Hour at CommunityWise Resource Centre on October 2nd

Join us in celebrating the completed restoration of our historic front porch and the long-awaited launch of our new website!

We will also showcase some exciting work being done by some of our member organizations. Did we mention that there will be food and cake?

Evening Event Schedule

12:00 Tours

12:30 Ribbon Cutting (with very special guests) and Cake – Also a word from the Staff and member Demos

1:00 End time


This is a time to celebrate the long awaited completion of our front porch, our new website, and staff.

With the completion of the porch and the emergence of our new brand we will carry on in the long tratition of community engagement and support we know and love. come share this time with us.

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About CommunityWise

MISSION: COMMUNITYWISE RESOURCE CENTRE supports diverse organizations, enhancing collective impact on society by providing inclusive community space.

COMMUNITYWISE maintains a beautiful venue that provides offices, meeting rooms, activity spaces, indoor and outdoor common spaces for over 70 member organizations. United by the concept of “co-location” (together in the same space), we believe that when diverse, multi-sector groups co-exist in the same place, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

COMMUNITYWISE RESOURCE CENTRE was formerly “The Old Y Centre,” in reference to its home in the historical YWCA building. COMMUNITYWISE has rebranded to distinguish itself as a unique, community driven, collaborative space for multi-sector groups to pursue their individual activities in the context of community development and social change.

We are also selling tickets to this event in our office (50% Calgary Dollars accepted) so ypu can also drop on by any time between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

#101 223-12th Ave SW Calgary

ph: 403.261.9660

email: contact@communitywise.net

web: www.communitywise.net

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