2017 Annual General Meeting – details and documents


Annual General Meeting 2017

Please RSVP: erin@communitywise.net

All CommunityWise Members (and friends, family, commmunity) are invited!

Year-in-Review, Member Awards, Refreshments and Group Photo! 

Each member organization is encouraged to send at least one representative. The AGM is a great opportunity to participate and to learn more about our past year at CommunityWise, while meeting other fantastic CommunityWise members.

*Food provided (feel free to bring a dish to share if you'd like)*


Thursday, 18 May 2017 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (doors at 6pm)


CommunityWise Common Room – 223 12 Avenue SW

(this is a mainfloor, wheelchair accessible space, and there is an accessible and gender-neutral washroom)

Draft Agenda

1. Welcome, land acknowledgement, and introductions                                 

2. Greeting from Ward 8 Councillor Evan Woolley                                          

3. Group Icebreaker                                                        

4. Approve the Agenda for AGM May 18, 2017                                                

5. Approve the Minutes of AGM May 19, 2016

6. Business Arising from Minutes of May 19, 2016                                          

7. Presentation of Annual Report by Staff Collective                                       

8. Presentation of 2016 Audited Financial Statements                                               

9. Proposal to approve CommunityWise Bylaws 2017                                                 

10. Election of the 2017-2018 Board                                                                    

11. Awards ceremony                                                                                             

12. Announcements                                                                                                              

Outside for group photo    


  • 2016 AGM minutes can be found here
  • 2016 Annual Report can be found here. 
  • 2016 Audited Financial Statements can be found here.


 Applications to the CommunityWise Board of Directors

One application to the CommunityWise Board of Directors for a new three-year term was received and will be decided on at the AGM (please direct any concerns to the CommunityWise Staff Collective prior to the AGM: info@communitywise.net). Please see their name and description below.

Aminah Malik – Refuge Recovery (Associate Member)

Aminah serves as Group Secretary for Refuge Recovery, which became an associate member of CommunityWise in January 2016 and at the same time introduced its second meeting in its new location, the Arusha Centre space. Since then, Refuge Recovery Calgary has grown considerably, and now offers four meetings every week. While studying Urban Geography (particularly urban planning) at the University of Victoria, the areas of study Aminah was most interested in were sustainability, social justice, community and accessibility. She was fascinated and inspired by the ways that communities could become more resilient, equitable and safe within an urban planning framework. She believes that CommunityWise Resource Centre is an example of a tangible means to achieve these goals. She also feels that participating on the Board of Directors will help her to begin developing a career path in the realm of community development.

As per the CommunityWise Board of Directors Terms of Reference, prospective Board Members were asked to provide written responses to the following questions, in addition to submitting a short written biography. Aminah's full application has been sent out to the membership. 

1) What is your interest in joining the board?

2) What are your perspectives, skills, experience that you will bring to the Board?

3) What group(s), organization(s) or community(ies) do you represent, participate in, or identify with?

4) Anti-Racist Organizational Change is a current strategic focus of CommunityWise. What do you hope to contribute to this work? What do you hope to learn? 


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