Please note that as of May 1, 2019 we’re not currently accepting new Associate Memberships as we’re at capacity.

CommunityWise is a member-based organization. There are several types of Membership at the centre.

TENANT MEMBER – rent an office space in the building, book common rooms, and have a mailbox.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – book common rooms, rent a mailbox, can be on the waiting list to rent, share or sublet office space.

In order to become a TENANT or ASSOCIATE MEMBER of CommunityWise, your organization must be:

  • non-profit or grassroots organization based in Calgary (*Tenant Members must be a legally registered nonprofit or charitable organization in order to enter into a Rental Agreement with CommunityWise*)
  • Fill out the CommunityWise membership application, and pay $25 membership fee
  • Provide at least two community contacts as references
  • Adhere to the bylaws, rules and regulations of CommunityWise
  • Understand and embrace that you are joining a community
  • be approved by the membership committee

INDIVIDUAL MEMBER – interested in supporting CommunityWise, contributes and participates in organizing and attending events, programs, work bees and special projects. Individual members will apply (membership application form) and pay a fee or equivalent in-kind donation.

APPLICATION FEE: $25 one time application processing fee

$25 renewable annually

$25 optional,renewable annually

COMMON DAMAGE DEPOSIT: $200 one-time fee, refundable upon termination of membership


Interested groups or organizations are encouraged to visit us, meet with staff to talk about your groups needs.

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