Member Spotlight: Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF)


Interviewer: Diana Bosman, Practicum Student, Arusha Centre

Interviewee: Brenda Lieberman, Festival Director, CUFF

Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003. The organization holds festivals and events that showcase films. These films are far from Hollywood movies; CUFF is dedicated to showing indie, thought-provoking documentaries that help viewers to have a better understanding of the world around them. I have gotten the opportunity to interview Brenda, the Festival Director. She sat down with me to answer some of our member profile questions!

Can you summarize what your organization's main objectives are? What is the mission/vision/values that your organization abides by:

Brenda: Showcase innovative independent films that are thought-provoking. It can be anything from documentaries, to sci-fi, to horror. We are also western Canada's premier genre festival!

How has your organization changed overtime?

Brenda: Honestly mostly just in size; we have all the same principles.

What is it like working at CUFF What is a typical day?

Brenda: Working half time with Calgary Underground Film Festival and the other half at Calgary International Film Festival, my day-to-day is being as collaborative as can be.

What are some challenges of working at CUFF?

Brenda: Sometimes it is the collaborative piece. It's hard to combine and accomodate all of the ideas of all of our workers. This becomes increasingly challenging as we increase staff and manage work loads.  

Are you hosting any events soon?

Brenda:  We are planning a documentary fest in November: CUFF.Docs (Nov 16-19, 2017)

The annual festival will run again April 16-22, 2018.

Also, CUFFcade (custom arcade cabinets) can be found at the yearly festival and is the only curated arcade of its kind through Canada. These are custom arcade cabinets! 

Where can folks learn more information?






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