May 2015


CommunityWise Members Memo

May 2015



1. CommunityWise Annual General Meeting – Thursday, May 21 – Common Room – 6-8pm

All members please mark your calendars for the CommunityWise AGM coming up May 21. Anyone interested in joining the Board of Directors for 2015/2016 should contact us at, phone

403-261-9661 or visit us in the admin office!


2. A few volunteers still needed for CommunityWise casino fundraiser is May 15/16

Volunteers are still needed for the daytime Banker position on May 15. It’s important that we fill this as quickly as possible. Please contact or visit the CommunityWise admin office if you can help out!


3. REMINDER: No parking in front of the dumpster on Saturday mornings please

The dumpster truck picks up garbage from CommunityWise on Saturday mornings. Access was recently blocked and the truck wasn’t able to access the bin. Not only did this result in a fee for an extra pickup, which is passed on to the drivers blocking access, but resulted in loss of access to parking for others on the day of the extra pick up Please ensure that access is maintained.


4. Cycle tracks installation

In a couple weeks the new Cycle Tracks network will begin to be installed. A dedicated and separated bike lane will be created along 12th Avenue. Once complete, paid parking along the south side of 12th Avenue, including the handicap parking spot and including the area in front of CommunityWise, will be eliminated. Non rush hour parking will be available on the north side of the street. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this project CommunityWise encourages you to speak with CommunityWise staff or contact 311.


5. The next Burnout Prevention League is Wednesday, May 20 – Common Room – 12:30-1:30pm

Join in the next get together of the Burnout Prevention League! Hang out with others seeking a little down time in a low-key setting. This month is a Dumpling Party! Bring your favourite type of dumpling (or pocket shaped food) to share if you’d like!