January 2014

January 2014
CommunityWise Resource Centre    



The Cantares Venezuelan Choir performs at the Winter Party

Thank you to everyone who came to the Winter Party on December 19th. It was a very special event because of all of your contributions. We are looking forward to another great year with you, full of excitement, good work, collaborations, learning opportunities, friendship and community. Here's to 2014!

Welcome New Members!


Welcome to JAWS (Japanese Anime Watchers Society Calgary) and Sanctuary!

Amazing Member Announcements


Sharing Stories of Calgary – 'Stories of Mental Health' – 

Jan 17th: 6pm

CommunityWise Common Room 

Sharing stories is a project that aims to celebrate local people and their stories while introducing people to new communities around Calgary. In January, join an evening of sharing stories and discussion of experiences about mental health issues, challenges, and successes.

Facebook Event.


Jennie Alves ACAD Art Show – Jan 24th & 25th

CommunityWise Common Room

Email contact@communitywise.net for more info.

Upcoming Programming


'What's Next?' is back! – Jan 27th: 6-8pm 

Non-Profit Industrial Complex Series

CommunityWise Board Room

The 'What's Next?' skill share and popular education series is back with an exciting new program for 2014. Starting in January we'll begin a three-part discussion series inspired by the book The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Sessions will take place on the fourth Monday of the month. Each session will look at one chapter of the book (readings will be provided). Includes a potluck meal. Please contact whatsnextcalgary@gmail.com for more info.

Facebook Event.  


SAVE THE DATEBoard Leadership 2014 – Calgary – 

Apr 5th

Board Governance Basics for Board Members

A day-long event featuring engaging and informative workshops, and networking opportunities, for board members of non-profit organizations.  What a great way to begin Volunteer Week in Alberta!

Registration opens in mid-February.  Stay tuned for more information….


An initiative of:

Calgary Arts Development (CADA), Calgary Chamber of Community Organizations (CCVO), Community Development Unit of Alberta Culture, CommunityWise Resource Centre, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary (ECCC), Federation of Calgary Communities (FCC), Institute for Nonprofit Studies of Mount Royal University, Propell:us, and Volunteer Alberta.

Join a CommunityWise Committee


Programming Committee – second Tuesday of the month

Next meeting: Tuesday, Jan 14th – 4pm 

Help organize CommunityWise events, workshops, and projects in the spirit of outreach, inclusion, capacity building and popular education. Contact erin@communitywise.net for more info. 


Facilities Committee – meets as needed 

Hands-on problem solving, making things better one paint job at a time! Contact philip@communitywise.net for more info.   

Fund Development Committee – meets as needed 

CommunityWise is working on more diverse streams of funding to support staff collective hours and ensure this building remains an accessible community resource for all to enjoy.  We need your ideas, input and energy for fundraising! Contact son@communitywise.net for more info. 

Membership Committee – meets as needed

Review new member applications and member-related issues or decisions. Contact son@communitywise.net for more info.

Wish List


Volunteer Opportunity: We're looking for a volunteer with access to a vehicle who can make a trip to the bottle depot. Bottle money goes towards CommunityWise programming. Email philip@communitywise.net to help out.
Items: High-quality vacuum; stainless steel forks. Let us know if you have any leads!

CommunityWise Member Memos

1. Welcome to new practicum students and project call-out!

Please join us in welcoming our social work practicum students for the winter semester: Amandella, Jennifer, and Jamie. Contact erin@communitywise.net if you have any projects you'd like student support with!

2. Make cheques payable to CommunityWise Resource Centre

We have now fully transitioned to the new name of the organization on all bank accounts.  Post-dated cheques we already have in our file will be deposited as they are.


3. Do not leave windows open – $500 fine if they are left open and adjacent pipes burst

With snow on the ground, we are thinking about freezing temperatures.  In the past pipes have frozen and burst when people leave windows in the bathrooms or offices open.  Radiators, pipes and water damage cost much more than $500 to replace or repair, and depending on the situation members whose open windows result in costly damages will be charged additional amounts.


4. Collaborative Framework

If you are interested in sharing resources, exchanging information and collaborating with CommunityWise and other members, please get in touch with Erin at erin@communitywise.net


5. Developmental Evaluation

CommunityWise is beginning a new evaluation process to measure impact and shape our organization as we build capacity to support members.  We have engaged an evaluator, Robyn Sachs, who will be working with us on our Theory of Change and annual member survey, as well as ongoing evaluation as projects and systems develop.  We need your participation! Watch for more information in February.


6. Documents required from tenant members

We are requesting that all tenant members provide us with the following up-to-date documents as part of our lease obligations: certificate of insurance; current board of directors list; copy of bylaws. We thank you for your assistance with this. Contact philip@communitywise.net for more info.

Thank you for everything you do in the community!


c/o CommunityWise Staff Collective


Son Edworthy



Philip McCutcheon



Jani Meyers



Erin McFarlane


CommunityWise Winter Party 2013
Daytime Rental
The Main Common Room and Board Room are available for day-time use. Spread the word!!!

Email: contact@communitywise.net or call 403-261-9660

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