February 2014

February 2014
CommunityWise Resource Centre    

The Common Room is Looking Great!


The CommunityWise Common Room has been repainted and several offices were recarpeted and repainted. Amazing! 

We are pleased to announce the next stage in the restoration of this beautiful building: a brand new fire alarm and emergency lighting. Exciting, right? Work will begin late this month or in early March. A small team will be moving around the building and will take care not to unduly disrupt activities going on.

Welcome to the Building, Fairy Tales!


Fairy Tales Presentation Society focuses on celebrating local and national queer artists of all artistic mediums including but not limited to film. The organization has been a member of CommunityWise for awhile but will be moving their office into the building this month. Welcome!

Amazing Member Announcements


Cyclepalooza Presents: WINTERPALOOZA!

Feb 12-17th 

'5 days of winter bike fun!' Winterpalooza events are put on by anyone! See the schedule or make the festival bigger and better by adding your own event here: http://cyclepalooza.ca

Facebook Event. 


Fruit Ball Collective Presents: Tainted Love Dance Party

Feb 15th: 8pm

CommunityWise Common Room  

Community-powered, all-ages, all-bodies, queer-and-trans-positive, accessible dance party. Dance how you want, with who you want, dressed how ever you want, if you want!

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Sharing Stories of Calgary – 'Stories of Mental Health' – 

Feb 21st: 6-8pm

CommunityWise Common Room 

Sharing stories is a project that aims to celebrate local people and their stories while introducing people to new communities around Calgary. Join an evening of stories of love and relationships outside of the heteronormative. All are welcome! 

Facebook Event.


'What's Next?' Non-Profit Industrial Complex Series 

PART 2 (of 3)

Feb 24th: 6-8pm 

CommunityWise Board Room

The 'What's Next?' skill share and popular education series is hosting a three-part discussion inspired by the book The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Each session will look at one chapter of the book (readings are provided). Discussion #2 will take place on February 24. Includes a potluck meal. Please contact whatsnextcalgary@gmail.com for more info.

Facebook Event. 


Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers: $100 Film Festival

March 6-8th

The $100 Film Festival is Calgary's only celluloid-based film festival.

More information here. 

Upcoming Programming


Lunchtime Learning: Introduction to Unleashing Local Capital (webinar) 

Feb 12th: 12-1:30pm

CommunityWise Common Room

CommunityWise and the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association are co-hosting a group viewing of this webinar. It will explain how communities have pooled capital, including using their own RRSPs, to finance local business development, foster community ownership and pride, and build a vibrant local economy.  


Burnout Prevention League

Feb 19th: 12:30-1:30pm

CommunityWise Common Room 

Join in the next meeting of the Burnout Prevention League! Feel free to bring your lunch/breakfast, coffee, snack etc. This is a low maintenance, come as you are kind of thing.  


Board Governance Workshop 

Mar 1st: 8:30am-4:30pm

CommunityWise Common Room 

CommunityWise will be co-hosting a Board Governance Workshop in conjunction with the Alberta Government's Board Development Program. Members are encouraged to pass along this opportunity to their boards. Both new and experienced board members are welcome to attend (cost to attend is $15). Please get in touch with Erin McFarlane at erin@communitywise.net for more info. 


SAVE THE DATE! Board Leadership 2014 – Calgary  

Board Governance Basics for Board Members

Apr 5th 

A day-long event featuring engaging and informative workshops, and networking opportunities, for board members of non-profit organizations.  What a great way to begin Volunteer Week in Alberta!

Registration opens in mid-February.  Stay tuned for more information….


An initiative of:

Board Development Program (BDP), Calgary Arts Development (CADA), Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO), Community Development Unit of Alberta Culture, CommunityWise Resource Centre, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary (ECCC), Federation of Calgary Communities, Institute for Nonprofit Studies of Mount Royal University, Propell:us, and Volunteer Alberta.

Join a CommunityWise Committee


Programming Committee – second Tuesday of the month

Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 11th – 4pm 

Help organize CommunityWise events, workshops, and projects in the spirit of outreach, inclusion, capacity building and popular education. Contact erin@communitywise.net for more info. 


Facilities Committee – meets as needed 

Hands-on problem solving, making things better one paint job at a time! Contact philip@communitywise.net for more info.   

Fund Development Committee – meets as needed 

CommunityWise is working on more diverse streams of funding to support staff collective hours and ensure this building remains an accessible community resource for all to enjoy.  We need your ideas, input and energy for fundraising! Contact son@communitywise.net for more info. 

Membership Committee – meets as needed

Review new member applications and member-related issues or decisions. Contact son@communitywise.net for more info.

Wish List


Volunteer Opportunity: CommunityWise member, Opportunity Works, is currently looking for volunteers for their March 8th and 9th casino fundraiser at Elbow River Casino. Contact Roberto at roberto@opportunityworks.ca to help out!
Volunteer Opportunity: Calgary Outlink is recruiting LGBTQ* Out is Ok Peer Support & Outreach Volunteers (18+)! Get involved in an exciting, fun, and rewarding project that builds and supports community, saves lives, and creates brighter futures for LGBTQ* Calgarians and Albertans. Please spread the word!


Items: High-quality vacuum; stainless steel forks. Let us know if you have any leads! Contact philip@communitywise.net.

Thank you for everything you do in the community!


c/o CommunityWise Staff Collective


Son Edworthy



Philip McCutcheon



Jani Meyers



Erin McFarlane


Some of the amazing practicum students we have in the building this semester. Thank you for all of the fantastic work you're doing!
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