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June 13, 2020:

While we continue to be grateful for the financial support we’ve received over the past couple of weeks for our anti-racism work, we’re requesting that any donations made in the name of #blacklivesmatter be directed to Black-led and serving organizations. 

CommunityWise is not a Black-led organization (we do, however, serve some Black-led organizations). Our work is focused on addressing racism (including anti-Blackness, but other types too) in the nonprofit sector. We are open to accepting donations from folks who want to support this work but are asking that funds that are being raised in the name of #blacklivesmatter go directly to those communities.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with some of our member organizations:


CommunityWise is a link between past, present and future. Over the past 40 years, the supportive physical and social space provided by CommunityWise has allowed hundreds of organizations, most of whom are small grassroots and nonprofit groups, to undertake their programs and activities with the stability and flexibility necessary for maximum impact.

More specifically, CommunityWise plays a critical role at multiple lifecycle stages of member groups through simultaneously serving as:

1) an incubation hub for new organizations who need a place to start out

2) a transition hub for organizations experiencing challenges accessing space over the shorter term

3) a long-term home and and inter-generational hub

A donation to CommunityWise supports the continued provision of subsidized space, shared services, and collaboration for small Calgary nonprofit and grassroots groups (90 members, and 1500+ peer support sessions, workshops, community feasts, performances, classes, movie nights, brainstorming meetings, celebrations a year!)


Nonprofit hubs like CommunityWise allow nonprofit organizations to spend a higher proportion of their funds in directly impactful ways. A 2015 study by the Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) found that the cost savings and stability resulting from nonprofits being located in a shared space are most often re-directed to increased existing program-related spending. Other uses include the development of new services and programs, and increased staffing. (State of the Shared Space Sector Survey, p. 3).


“CommunityWise hosts office and meeting space that is accessible for a range of organizations from grassroots nonprofits to established organizations, which allows for accessibility and stability for everyone who engages with the centre. This is a rare and incredibly valuable staple in the Calgary community. CommunityWise has led the way in offering space to marginalized groups long before societal access to space became a reality.” -Calgary Queer Arts Society

“The benefits of being housed at CommunityWise for our agency have been immeasurable. Under their auspices, our agency has been able to expand our services and our vision from the offering of counselling services to the facilitation of client groups, the hosting of a platform of therapists from all over Calgary, and the organization of workshops with instructors from the city as well as abroad.” -Calgary Narrative Collective

“CommunityWise does amazing things. I have learned so much (facilitation, time management, event planning = huge cost savings to our organization) been able to network with amazing groups (capacity building and more cost savings!) and by being located at a vibrant, nice, welcoming, space we have been able to provide much more to our clients and partners!” –ACCA


You can donate online through our Canada Helps page.  We value and appreciate your support. Help us preserve our historical foundations as a community-driven nonprofit hub!

CommunityWise is also on the Benevity Causes Portal. If your employer has a workplace giving program and uses Benevity to manage their matching gifts, please encourage them to look us up here!

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