Currently accepting applications to CommunityWise Board of Directors


The role of the CommunityWise Board of Directors is to represent the needs, interests and vision of the communities and organizations involved in the space, as well as to contribute to the governance of CommunityWise as a whole. The Board is accountable to the Theory of Change and Strategic Plan created and updated by the Board and Staff Collective in an ongoing process each year.  

CommunityWise Board of Directors Terms of Reference, 2017 (click to download)


Board Eligibility:

Representatives of CommunityWise Tenant Member organizations and Associate Member organizations, as well as representatives of wider community are eligible to serve on the CommunityWise Board. As per CommunityWise’s bylaws, the Board of Directors shall consist of an even division between Tenant Members, Associate Members and Community representatives (up to a maximum of 15 Board Members).  In cases where this is not possible priority will be given to Tenant Members.

The Board aims to represent the diversity of organizations, communities and individuals who share space at CommunityWise.  CommunityWise values equity and recognizes barriers to joining a board, such as time commitment, child care, scheduling, language barriers and intimidating application processes. If you are interested in joining the board, we will do our best to work with you to overcome barriers.

Board Members must be willing to work within anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks and actively engage in ongoing learning about these frameworks alongside members of the Staff Collective and Board. 

Application Procedure:

Prospective Board Members are asked to provide written responses to the following questions, in addition to submitting a short written biography:

1) What is your interest in joining the board?

2) What are your perspectives, skills, experience that you will bring to the Board?

3) What group(s), organization(s) or community(ies) do you represent, participate in, or identify with? 

4) Anti-Racist Organizational Change is a current strategic focus of CommunityWise. What do you hope to contribute to this work? What do you hope to learn?

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submitting an application to join the CommunityWise Board of Directors is one month prior to the Annual General Meeting held on the 3rdThursday of May (applications are also accepted year round in the event that positions on the Board become available). The 2017 application deadline is April 18.

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