COVID-19: CommunityWise stabilization & recovery campaign

Our current financial needs are:

1) to reclaim the operating revenue lost through the continued closure of our building to community room bookings in the face of ongoing operating costs (building maintenance, staffing, security);

2) to afford our members temporary office rent relief during a time when their own sources of revenue are jeopardized by COVID-19 so that the essential services they provide are not permanently interrupted;  

3) to learn about, and experiment with, alternative ways to connect with and support our members in the absence of a place-based colocation model to better enable their abilities to carry on their community services off-site;

4) to afford the added costs of a staged re-opening, including increased cleaning staff and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

In response to COVID-19, we decided to close our building to the public and suspend community space rentals in order to limit the potential for community spread. Consequently, we immediately took a financial hit, as one of our core sources of operating revenue for the hub is rental income. Not only that, but overnight, in-person addiction recovery groups had to be put on hold and counselling services were made much more difficult. 2SLGBTQQIA peer support groups had to be suspended and refugee sponsorship work became nearly impossible to do. We also know that some of our smallest members will be the hardest hit over the long term due to their own declines in revenue from community donations and events. 

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