Help us raise $20,000 by December 31!

As of December 2020, things continue to look quite different at CommunityWise. Our community rooms remain closed to bookings, resulting in a sizeable revenue decrease. Your support at this time is tremendously appreciated and will allow us to continue to deliver on our mission while navigating the ongoing pandemic safely and equitably and planning for the future.  

Your donation can be directed to one of the following areas:

1. General (will go to area of greatest need): your donation will be used toward the priority area CommunityWise determines to be the most urgent at the time of your donation. 

2. Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC): the goals of AROC are to address organizational racism and create greater racial equity within CommunityWise while also sharing lessons learned with other nonprofits. Your donation will support various pieces of this work, including the staff time required to facilitate it and the development of new resources.

3. Rent support for current CommunityWise Members: COVID-19 has resulted in increased barriers for grassroots groups, particularly those that rely on community donations and in-person fundraisers. Your donation will support continued access to affordable office space for grassroots groups. 

4. Building maintenance and improvements: CommunityWise operates the “Old YWCA” building, a beautiful, but aging, provincially registered historic resource. Your donation will support ongoing building maintenance and improvement costs. 

Donate here.

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