CommunityWise Time Capsule – submissions by February 12

In February, CommunityWise will be placing a small time capsule to mark 111 years since the building was built and 45 since the formation of the Old Y Action Groups. This past year has been unique, filled with many new challenges. There has been loss and growth along the way. As we look onto 2021 we would like to create an opportunity to look back on the messages a year from now. We can reflect on the past and look to the future.

We invite members and individuals from the community to contribute to the time capsule that will remain on-site and opened in February 2022 and then resealed.

Send a short message, a digital photo, or something else that will tell future readers about how things are now and hopes for the future to with the subject heading “2021 CommunityWise Capsule” or to #101, 223 12 Avenue SW T2R 0G9 by February 12, 2021. We will be sealing the capsule on February 14.

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