CommunityWise Fall Forum – November 30



participatory governance and grass-roots organizing

Thank you to everyone who came to the Community Forum on November 30th!  We were lucky to have renown activist and author Starhawk, here to speak about her new book, The Empowerment Manual: a guide for Collaborative Groups.  Our morning session took place at the IBM meeting hall, our neighbours across the street from the centre.  The panel of local organizers got our attention with their insights, stories and humour from their years of experience with consensus decision making.  Lunch was provided by Food Not Bombs and EthniCity Catering and great coffee from local roaster, Xaragua Coffee.  After lunch we headed back to the Old Y building, cheered by a rally, to start the afternoon workshops.  Six amazing workshops were all well attended, learning about the Nonprofit Industrial Complex, Volunteer Empowerment, the Theory of Change, Consensus Process, Board Development and more.  We wrapped up the Forum with a world cafe style closing evaluation and decided it was a great success!  Next time we just have to start organizing earlier and maybe try to do it all at one location…

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