2018 Annual General Meeting - May 31 PLEASE RSVP: erin@communitywise.net Year-in-Review - Board Elections - Member Awards – Refreshments - Feedback Opportunities - Group Photo All member groups: please plan to send at least one representative and feel free to bring friends and family. Community members welcome too! The AGM is a great opportunity to participate and to learn more about our past [...]
Calgary Centre for Global Community (CCGC) - Tenant Member (April 2018) Interviewer: Maddison Coulson. CommunityWise - Practicum Student. Interviewee: Chris Jensen. CCGC - Director, Operations.   What is the name of your organization? Calgary Centre for Global Community (CCGC) - founded 2008. Humainologie – multimedia production house, established 2015. Can you summarize what your or[...]
Refuge Recovery Beltline - Associate Member (March 2018) Interviewer: Maddison Coulson, CommunityWise – Practicum Student. Interviewee: Aminah Malik, Refuge Recovery Beltine.   What is the name of your organization? Refuge Recovery Beltline When were you established? The first Refuge Recovery meetings started in Los Angeles in 2008, and then the book Refuge Recovery ([...]
Our next fundraising casino is coming up Tuesday May 15 & Wednesday May 16 at Elbow River Casino (218 18 Ave SE)​. To sign-up for a shift, or for more info, please contact​ ​erin@communitywise.net.  Position descriptions can be found below. CommunityWise will cover taxi costs if needed. Food will be provided at the casino. This is our​ ​biggest fundraiser of the year and funds raised [...]
Calgary’s Women of Colour Collective (WOCC) By the 1980’s, the women’s movement was a recognized movement working to gain equal rights for women in the workplace and beyond, but something the movement did not address was that the fight for equality was vastly different for women of colour. When it comes to discrimination, marginalization, and oppression, women of colour face it on more fro[...]