On November 28th, 2017 CommunityWise and members of the AROC Working Group hosted an Ask Me Anything live-chat on Facebook. Below is a transcript of the questions and responses. Question 1 I have a question about representation. When asking a certain group of people or individuals to present, perform or speak on a panel, how can a person prevent tokenizing said group or person, when their inte[...]
An essential component of organizational transformation is education.  Tyra Erskine authored the Anti-Racism Training to expand non-profit organization’s conversations on racism, and provide tools to understand systemic oppression. Tyra collaborated with CommunityWise, and the Anti-Racism Organizational Change (AROC) Working Group to bring the training to life. The training allows facilitators [...]

Rental Spaces

COMMUNITYWISE has several common spaces available for rental by members.  All bookings must be made and confirmed through the staff in the admin office.  Available spaces include: Main Common Room (per 4 hr block) Morning or Afternoon  $25 Evening                       $35 Board Room (per 4 hr block) Morning or Afternoon  $15 Evening                       $25 Dance Studio (per 4 h[...]
COMMUNITYWISE provides some equipment available to rent.  These items include digital projectors, sound equipment, popcorn maker, bike trailer and festival tents.  Our member organizations often have their own equipment for rental as well, so if you're interested in something specific, contact the admin offices for more information.

Zine Library

A collection by the Zine Tree Collective of self-published magazines or pamphlets made outside of mainstream press and professional media, by all kinds of people about all kinds of things.  The library offers access to thousands of zines by local and international creators, and also acts as a workshop, with all the information and equipment you need to make your own zine.  The Zine Tree Collective[...]