On November 28th, 2017 CommunityWise and members of the AROC Working Group hosted an Ask Me Anything live-chat on Facebook. Below is a transcript of the questions and responses. Question 1 I have a question about representation. When asking a certain group of people or individuals to present, perform or speak on a panel, how can a person prevent tokenizing said group or person, when their inte[...]
An essential component of organizational transformation is education.  Tyra Erskine authored the Anti-Racism Training to expand non-profit organization’s conversations on racism, and provide tools to understand systemic oppression. Tyra collaborated with CommunityWise, and the Anti-Racism Organizational Change (AROC) Working Group to bring the training to life. The training allows facilitators [...]
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Alberta Disabled Foundation 319 Alberta Youth in care and Custody Network 200 Apollo Friends in Sport D5 Amnesty International 306 Art City (Visual Arts Week Society) 301 Arusha centre Society 106 Aspen Family and Community Services 205 Barrier Away Project D6 Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Outdoor Entrance Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids[...]


There are two primary types of Membership with COMMUNITYWISE. TENANT MEMBER Rent an office space in the building, book common rooms and have a mailbox. ASSOCIATE MEMBER Book common rooms, and may rent a mailbox, can be on the waiting list to rent, share or sublet office space. In order to become a member of COMMUNITYWISE Resource Centre, your organization must be: A non-profit or g[...]