Proposed CommunityWise Bylaws 2016

*Please note: an incorrect version of the Proposed CommunityWise Bylaws was replaced on May 17th. Apologies for the error in section 6.3 in the previous incorrect version. It should have read, "At all meetings of the CommunityWise Resource Centre, unless otherwise required by the Act or the articles of the Corporation, decisions will be made by 75% vote of the members present at the meeting." 

The following amendments to the bylaws to be approved at the May 19th 2016 AGM.

Please contact CommunityWise staff if you have concerns or questions.

Article 7: Board of Directors

7.9 The Tenant Members of the CommunityWise Resource Centre may by resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the vote cast at a General Meeting of which notice specifying the intention to pass such resolution has been given, remove any Director before the expiration of their term of office, and may by a majority of votes cast at that meeting elect any person in their stead for the remainder of their term.

7.11 Every Director of the CommunityWise Resource Centre shall be deemed to have assumed office with the expressed understanding and agreement and condition that every Director of the CommunityWise Resource Centre and their heirs, executors, and administrators and estate respectively shall from time to time and at all times be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Society from and against all costs, charges and expenses whatsoever which such Director sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit, or proceedings which is brought, commenced or prosecuted against them for in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing whatsoever made, done, or permitted by them or any other Director in or about the execution of the duties of their office, and also from and against all other costs, charges and affairs thereof except such costs, charges or expenses as are occasioned by their own willful act or default.

Article 11: General Provisions

11.1 In these Bylaws wherever the singular or plural neuter is used the same shall be construed as meaning singular, plural or neuter where the fact or context so requires.


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