We strive for democratic representation, as the origins of the organization stem from the tenants themselves, fighting for their right to take part in decisions about the building they occupied.  The microcosm of society that formed within the building is symbolic of the larger society and is integral to the mission of the organization.
The mission of the organization is carried out by the staff, board and members, who work collaboratively and collectively towards common goals. There are several committees made up of Board, Staff, and Community members. These include: Finance, Membership, Historic Advisory, Facilities, Fund Development, Programming, and HR/Governance

Board of Directors

In the case of CommunityWise (The Old Y Centre), board members are representatives of the member organizations and it is their responsibility to represent the needs of their communities within the democratic forum of the board of directors.

Current Board (2013-2014):

Curtis Boudreau - SMART Recovery

Mike Byerley – Next-Up

David Campenella – Parkland Institute

Executive Committee. A relative newbie to Calgary, David (with some help from his dog, Jozi) is the Public Policy Research Manager for the Parkland Institute. The Parkland Institute is a research-network producing and disseminating “research for the common good,” and is based in the University of Alberta.

Stacy Greanya – SupportWorks

Tony Grimes – Gear Station

Seth Leon – Alberta Communities and Co-operative Association (ACCA)

Jessica McCarrel – Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF).

Jessica is a painter, deathrocker and art administrator, currently employed by Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF). Jessica is also on our Finance and Executive Committees

Rick McFerrin – Two Wheel View

Rick turned his passion for cycling into a charitable organization called Two Wheel View in 2000 after taking a two-year around-the-world cycling adventure with Tanya. The experience opened their eyes and changed their view about a lot of things. Lifetime adventurer and an avid biker, the draw of learning by doing has proven inextinguishable. His  experiences and perspectives on the world, as seen from the seat of a bike, created the basis for Two Wheel View. The passion and vision of Two Wheel View is captured in his personal connection to community and global environments and his continued efforts to provide opportunities for young people. Rick is the Founder and Executive Director of Two Wheel View – Calgary and lives in Calgary with Tanya and their three boys ages 8, 10, and 12.

Courtney Robertson – Community Member


Past Boards:


Curtis Boudreau - SMART Recovery

Mike Byerley – Next Up

This is Mike’s second year on the CommunityWise Board. He represents Next Up and Amazon Watch, both are community members of the building. Mike is on the Board’s human resources, and governance committees. Mike’s personal interests (in no order) include event organizing, biking, growing gardens in buckets, ski touring and wilderness.

more bios to come

David Campenella – Parkland Institute

Brenda Lieberman – Calgary Underground Film Festival

Sierra Love – Community Member

Kristin Marquardt – Sustainable Alberta Association

Kristin Marquardt is Associate Director of Sustainable Alberta Association where she coordinates the national Commuter Challenge program. She also chairs the Sierra Club Chinook Group in the Old Y Centre. Kristin has served on the CommunityWise board of directors since 2009, is part of the membership and the finance committee, contributed to the strategic planning committee and the community garden group.

Erin McFarlane – Arusha Centre Society

Sylvia Miotti – Beltline Fitness Centre

Courtney Robertson – Community Member

Bobbie Todd – Calgary Society of Independent Film makers

Mussie Yemane – Eritrean Canadian Association

Tammie Zielinski – Amnesty International

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