Zaire Sealy is a spoken word artist born and raised in Montreal Quebec, currently based out of Calgary, Alberta. His work with Uproot YYC involves creating a series of poems centered around his experience as an African American male. Using his love for music and literature he aims to challenge false narratives about African American masculinity, doing so in a unique and rhythmic fashion. Zaire's m[...]
SMART Recovery  (November 2017) Interviewer: Agnes Odera, CommunityWise - Practicum Student. Interviewee: Scott McKenzie, SMART Recovery – Director of Operations. 1.What is the name of your organization? The name of our organization is SMART Recovery. SMART stands for Self-Management-And- Recovery-Training.  We are a self-help program that was established for ending addictive behaviou[...]
Each month we'll feature a CommunityWise member group so that you can get to know them better! February 2017 Calgary Women's Health Collective (Tenant Member) Interviewer: Valerie Stitchman, CommunityWise practicum student Interviewee: Sanni-Ilona Paljakka, Therapist, Calgary Women's Health Collective What is the name of your organization? We are known as the Calgary Women’s Health C[...]
A series of podcasts about unlearning/relearning our understanding of racism in the non-profit sector in Calgary. Hosted by Jacquie and Mel, listeners are taken on an unlearning journey as they meet with experts in the field of anti-racism, and inclusion. The listener is invited into a safe space to reflect on how change can happen to improve the inclusion of racialized members in the Calgar[...]
Interviewer: Diana Bosman, Practicum Student, Arusha Centre Interviewee: Brenda Lieberman, Festival Director, CUFF Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003. The organization holds festivals and events that showcase films. These films are far from Hollywood movies; CUFF is dedicated to showing indie, thought-provokin[...]
During 2016-2017, CommunityWise chose to use an Outcome Harvesting methodology to surface and learn from the impacts created by its practicum program. A huge thank you to the past practicum students from Mount Royal University, Columbia College, and the University of Calgary who participated as part of the evaluation team: Kyla, Marylynda, Lauren, Diana, Sobia, Josh, and Valerie! Also thank you[...]