Anti-Racism Training for Non-Profits


An essential component of organizational transformation is education.  Tyra Erskine authored the Anti-Racism Training to expand non-profit organization’s conversations on racism, and provide tools to understand systemic oppression. Tyra collaborated with CommunityWise, and the Anti-Racism Organizational Change (AROC) Working Group to bring the training to life.

The training allows facilitators and learners to walk away from this training with a better understanding of the nature of systemic racism, tools for amplifying the voices of racialized people in their work and the systemic impacts of white privilege.

Anti-Racism Training is powerful tool for starting the conversation on the equitable inclusion of ethnically and racially diverse people in a non-profit and is best delivered by a skilled facilitator.

The AROC Advisory Group offers trainings to organizations that would like to take this first step. If you would like to invite the group to train your team, please contact for more information.

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